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  • First speaking snowfall on Peyragudes! Updated: Sat 27 Oct. 9:55 am: Well, no, they are not the week-end webcams of Peyragudes, first sight of Cap de Pale taken at 9:30! The ceiling rises [...]

    Peyragudes: snow in sight!

    Peyragudes: snow in sight!
    Published : 01/25/2019 11:22:19 | Categories :

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  • We got up too late for Black Friday, we catch up on the White Saturday! Saturday, November 26, from 0:00 to 23:59, Sale Flash!    -40% on all online ski and snowboard rentals for your stay [...]

  • The big cloud cover that covered Peyragudes and Louron, departs instantly and there, there is good, there is good, Peyragudes is good to marry, she put on her dress, of an immaculate white, All [...]

    Opening of the sky, white on Peyragudes!
    Published : 11/24/2016 11:40:23 | Categories : Peyragudes 2016/2017

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  • Opening scheduled for this weekend is postponed to December 3.The conditions are fairly favourable for skiers and snowboarders worthily celebrate this day waited.A week more to optimize the [...]

  •    Weekend double layer, 2 beautiful snowfalls on the Louron and Peyragudes, put the seedlings on standby it is still winter, the time is yet to winter sports! Just before the opening, 4 s [...]

    Snowfall on Peyragudes
    Published : 03/6/2016 08:08:54

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  • For this line of holiday, there are going to be happy on the slopes of Peyragudes: new snow and sun. very cold nights to keep the snowpack, support in guns and groomers that are beautifully job. [...]

    Snow and sun in Peyragudes
    Published : 02/21/2016 09:00:23

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  • 10cm of fresh snow on Peyragudes. A little bit of fresh snow from 1200m over the Louron valley.

    10cm of fresh snow on Peyragudes
    Published : 02/7/2016 09:02:35

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  •   Peyragudes, feet in the snow, head to the sun! This morning at the opening, blue sky, sunshine! Hiiiiiiiipa! Disconnect Facebook, Twitter & Co, go to ride!      We are waiting for you [...]

  • For your stay in Peyragudes , now book your skis or snowboard rentals at AP Sports & Save 35% on all your holiday ! The democratization of skiing is here and now !

    PROMO Ski rental Peyragudes
    Published : 11/10/2015 23:46:09

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